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Decision Framing

There is never a good ending to a badly framed problem. At Outhiink, we validate problem statements and inject a good dose of divergent thinking to unlock the best path forward. 

When the stakes are high, Outhiink is by your side to provide an immediate dose of clear thinking.


Minimizing the risk of embarking on the wrong path is priceless


Clean-Slate thinking underpins all our Rethiink missions. On site with your team, we embark on an intense week-long scrum exercise to reach the breakthrough you are aiming for. 

VC Pitch Review

We help your team prepare for the lines of questioning you should anticipate, review your pitch deck and identify specific areas for improvement. At our discretion we may offer alternate financial arrangements for bootstrap startups. 

Crisis Recovery

Crisis Response

The stakes are high when a crisis strikes. Your initial actions are key to predict the outcome.

Contact us at the outbreak, we can help contain the crisis and reduce the risk of a prolonged tailing effect. 

Fundamental Thiink

Lasting customer loyalty depends on strong fundamentals; customer-perceived consistencies and certainties about your company. 


Fundamentals embed what you stand for; your value system, management philosophy, decision guiding posts and corporate persona.

Outhiink offers a fundamentals review service. We litmus test your fundamentals, propose shifts when necessary and provide practical guidance to ensure they stick.  

Visual Planning

Visual Planning

Visual Planning is Outhiink proprietary Strategy Design Methodology. Our approach ensures your plan fundamentals are rock solid and easily communicated. With visual planning, everyone is on the same page and understands your plan key pillars: ambition, desired outcomes, result drivers, planning assumptions and dependencies. 

Strategy design, clearly communicated.


Executive Problem-Solving Workshops


Learn the skills to achieve superior collective thinking and improve your team problem-solving & decision making abilities.

How We Can Help

Quick Call

Immediate support for top of mind issues. We inject new perspectives and help uncover potential blind spots.

Second Opinion

From recommendation validation to comprehensive decision analysis / reframing.

We help reach better outcomes.

Pitch Review

Improve funding odds.

Dry run practice & deck review.

Crisis Response

When a crisis occurs, we assist in developing an immediate containment strategy.

Other Services

We offer other unique strategy services such as Rethiink, Fundamental-Thiink and Visual Planning. 

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