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“If I had one hour to save the world, I’d spend fifty-nine minutes framing the problem and one minute solving it.”

- Albert Einstein

Minimizing the risk of embarking

on the wrong path

is priceless

Outmaneuver - Outsmart - Outhiink

Outhiink offers unique perspectives to get your decisions right

Quick Call

Immediate support for top of mind issues. We inject new perspectives and help uncover potential blind spots.

Decision Review

Recommendation validation & comprehensive decision analysis / reframing.

Pitch Review

Improve funding odds.
Dry run practice & deck review.

Crisis Response

When a crisis occurs, we assist in developing an immediate case-specific containment strategy.

Other Services

We offer other unique strategy services such as Rethiink, Fundamentals, and Visual Planning.

Outmaneuver - Outsmart - Outhiink

The Outsider Perspective For Business Leaders

We are 100% focused on getting our thinking right, one decision at a time.

For your next big decision, contact us and ask:

“What Do You Think Outhiink?”

You may be amazed at what we are thinking that you may have missed.

At Outhiink, we reach better outcomes.

Outmaneuver - Outsmart - Outhiink

What We Do

We help our clients develop 360° vision one decision at a time. We stay clear of noise and get to the fundamentals fast. We expand the solution space and provide actionable pointers.

How We Add Value

Our perspective is immuned from biases that interfere with clear thinking: political dynamics, groupthink, past solution recycling, wishful thinking, etc. We help uncover better ways to get where you want to go and prevent costly mistakes.

Who It's For

We serve confident CEOs open to new perspectives and ideas. Embarking in co-thiinking, we reach better outcomes.


Outhiink never discusses client work publicly nor privately. Generally we do not need access to sensitive information to perform our mandates. Rest assured, any information you elect to share with us is confidential and safe.

Outmaneuver - Outsmart - Outhiink

Outmaneuver - Outsmart - Outhiink


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Outmaneuver - Outsmart - Outhiink