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Just-In-Time Decision Counsel

We are experts in problem framing, critical thinking analytics and out-of-the box divergent thinking to help our clients reach better outcomes.

Decision Framing & Solution Space Expansion

For every decision, we ensure the end-to-end logic of the case is sound and the solution space is not inadvertently restricted.


Outhiink is the only consulting firm offering on demand access to strategic decision counsel. Everyday, we work on a vast array of complex problems and deliver Tangible results for our clients around the world.

What our Clients Expect Of Us

Simply put, our clients hire us to figure things the right way. We think on our feet and deliver results fast.

The Documentors aka The Report Writers

The documentors borrow your watch to tell you the time. They write well, craft polished slides. Their work is typically used by clients to secure buy-in. In a sense, documentors engage in justification work for stakeholder audiences.

The Niche Authorities aka The Recipe Gurus

The gurus position themselves as the authority on a given matter, develop a cookie cutter solution and milk it for all they can. Many eCommerce experts fall in this category. Whatever your problem they'll make it fit the solution they are selling.

The Functional Experts

These folks have expertise in specific functional domains, typically operations or industry verticals. If your problem is knowledge related, they can help. You don't hire them to think, you hire them to share what they know.

The Strategy Consultants

Very few consultants do fundamental strategy work. Typically, this is reserved to firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bains, the MBBs.

These firms excel at problem framing validation and devising custom analytical frameworks tailored for each engagement. Unfortunately their insight only comes in multi-month chunks; the entry fee to retain their services is typically in the seven figures.


A Better Approach To Strategy Consulting

We offer similar insight but at a fraction of the cost. We help you see clearly on your key decisions a few hours at a time, whenever you need it.

The MBB: McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Bains

Most of the value from MBB multi-month assignments is the front-end work: how they intend to frame/validate the problem, identify the moving parts, define the relevant hypotheses and establish the solution space. We specialize in the front-end work.

We call our approach Pareto Consulting; the bulk of the value at a fraction of the cost.

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