All business leaders benefit from external counsel when facing important decisions

Outhiink brings on point perspectives to see clearly on your options. We validate problem statements, explore alternate framing approaches and unleash new possibilities. Within an organization subjectivity tends to creep in; biases, politics, limiting the solution space to past approaches, etc. At Outhiink, we expand the solution space.

Clear thinking rocks and opinions are overrated

Opinions are conclusions without a clear chain of thoughts to back them up.  End-to-end logical reasoning with proper linkages, inferences and judgment always form the basis of our conclusions. 

We believe in Thinking Forward. It's much harder, requires more cognitive load, but you get more value

There is a profound difference between asking what should be done versus asking what is the right way to figure out what should be done. The latter focuses on how to get to the best answer. That's what we call Forward Thinking, the science of figuring things out the right way. We never start from a tentative conclusion and work backward. The ability to think forward outsmarts backward thinking 10 times out of 10.

We add value by getting the fundamentals right and getting rid of the noise

We add value by identifying the fundamentals of each case and discarding the noise. Whether the decision is complex or straightforward, our reasoning will be succinct, always on point. We focus on what truly matters: identifying the pivotal, fundamental considerations and drivers.

We believe in delivering value in one go

A common practice in consulting is setting the stage to secure additional follow-up work. We aim to give the full value in one go. If you like how we think we hope you call us again but it won't be for the same matter. 

We believe there is rarely such a thing as an ideal path forward. It depends on Intent.

Should you aim for a solution that "suffice" with lower risk but limited upside? Pursue a higher risk / higher potential reward scenario? Improve A at the risk of B? Should we stay within the bounds of common wisdom and aim for incremental gains? Or think out-of-the-box and aim for a fundamental Rethiink? The best path forward depends on Intent.

At Outhiink, we are delighted when our clients ask us to push the envelope, look beyond what most can see and envision what matters: what could be. Most of our mandates don't fall in the reinvention category, but when one comes along, we welcome the opportunity.

We’re in the business of helping you think clearly and logically, not applying cookie cutter frameworks

Many consultants market themselves as a niche authority. They develop a recipe and apply it to any problem coming they way. We’re of a different breed. We’re in the business of helping you figure out the path to get to the best outcome. Our approach is always custom tailored to your specific circonstances. 

Top tier strategy firms (MBBs) deliver the bulk of their value at the front end of each mandate

MBB's front end work, the game plan, is the pivotal part of each mandate. When decision fails, it's typically at this early stage. Poor framing, hypotheses, assumptions or mental blinds preventing the discovery of better paths forward.  While the bulk of the value comes from the front-end work, most of the billing (90%+) is driven by subsequent hypothesis testing phases. Outhiink delivers the deep thinking front-end without the associated back-end billing.

We believe in having the outmost interest of our clients

This implies sharing our candid opinion and conclusions which may sometimes be contrary to what you would like to hear. We’re very disappointed when that happens but we will never bend our conclusions. If we'd start on this slippery slope, very soon we wouldn't know what we stand for. 

We believe Outhiink is not the best fit for everyone

We get ecstatic when we uncover something new or disprove a preliminary hypothesis. We work well with like-minded CEO on the lookout for what they may have missed. We can't deliver much value to CEOs who seek confirmation that they were right all along and do not wish to explore different ways to look at an issue. 

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